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Naked Horse


3 Steps to Soundness through Barefoot Trimming

William Miller and Rosa Stackhouse-Miller at NAKED HORSE, work with the healing power of nature to change the relationship you have with your horse by trimming and looking at all aspects of the Horses' life.

We are proud members of the "family" of the world's leading proponents of Natural hoof Care and Rehabilitation through the 3 steps to Soundness, by trimming the hooves how they would in their natural environment.

We use our trim and the healing power of nature to return horses to soundness over time. We say "take the time it takes" and the horse proves to us that the 3 Steps to Soundness is the key to natural hoof care.

For the past 15 years we have been shown by observing the horse, that if the horse cannot wear their heels, the bars or hoof wall through movement and different terrain, then we must take it off for them.

Ride them or Rasp them is still our mantra.

Learn how to "ask the horse" as the horse is the ONLY expert about his hooves. Let the horse SHOW YOU!

Proudly affilliated with  Liberated Horsemanship. we also acknowledge the work of Hildred Strasser, Jamie Jackson and Paul Chapman who got us going on the journey which has not ended; remember it is NOT the destination.....



The Smart Hay Saver is designed to save hay outside by preventing loss through WIND with its lid, and in the stall by allowing the horse to only eat what he wants when HE wants, and mimics the natural grazing of horses in the wild.

Designed and manufactured by William Miller  in New Zealand, our "slow hay" feeder keeps the horse occupied in the stall and prevents wastage of hay by preventing loss, through wind or being scattered around the stall.

The most important aspect of slow grazing for horses is psychological. Horses live in the moment. If they don't have something on which to to graze, they think they are going to die. If they do not have feed going through their stomach constantly, they can get ulcers and stress Colic.

Un-Domesticated Horses spend 18 hours or more a day grazing in a natural environment; WITH THEIR HEAD DOWN. Horses that eat from hay nets and upright feed holders, wear their teeth incorrectly as their JAW is in the WRONG POSITION. When they feed off the ground, the jaw is in correct alignment for them to chew properly.

The SMARTHAY™ feeder mimics this natural feeding environment and allows them to eat off the ground, at their own pace.  It also save hay WASTAGE by keeping the hay in the feeder. With its lid on it prevents hay from blowing around outside and thus prevents waste.

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